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The Law Project

The Law Project provides the opportunity for secondary school students to create a free account and explore law related concerns from various perspectives through graphic novel-like animations. Some concerns covered include cases involving Social Justice & human rights, First Nations, and Residential schools. The Law Project also offers  a version of the site for teachers, which based on their province/territory and class design will direct them to the lesson plans the Law Project has created.

Taking IT Global

Taking IT Global hosts opportunities online to connect youth and causes through petitions, online games, resources and action guides. There are many examples on this website of creative ways others have made a difference as well as ideas of how to spread the word about your campaign and engage community members. 

Kairos Canada

Kairos Canada is a faith-based social justice organization which works with community members and partners to advance human rights and ecological issues. Their website offers links to the Blanket Exercise to explore Indigenous history and lead participants  to a place of understanding, as well as various other initiatives and reports the organization has supported to educate the public about issues facing Indigenous children and communities. 


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