Kairos Canada

Kairos Canada is a faith-based social justice organization which works with community members and partners to advance human rights and ecological issues. Their website offers links to the Blanket Exercise to explore Indigenous history and lead participants  to a place of understanding, as well as various other initiatives and reports the organization has supported to educate the public about issues facing Indigenous children and communities. 

National Aboriginal Nutrition Program

Canadian Feed the Children offers  the National Aboriginal Nutrition Program to ensure young Aboriginal students receive at least one nutritious meal during their school day and that families as well as communities receive programs to learn about nutrition. The program hopes to assist in combatting poor health and educational outcomes in many Aboriginal communities. 

Parliament of Canada

The Parliament of Canada website offers information about the Parliament and its members. MPs are responsible for representing the needs of the residents of their region federally. It is useful to contact them you become aware of a systemic issue that is affecting your community. Information to contact the Prime Minister's office is also located on this website. 

Legacy of Hope

The Legacy of Hope website offers various resources which discuss the history and legacy of the residential school system, as well as promising community-based practices for healing.


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