British Columbia


PovNet is an online database of different resources, poverty action advocates and government information. The website includes information on how to apply for EI, social housing, etc. It also includes links to government information, research and general information about poverty.

The Law Project

The Law Project provides the opportunity for secondary school students to create a free account and explore law related concerns from various perspectives through graphic novel-like animations. Some concerns covered include cases involving Social Justice & human rights, First Nations, and Residential schools. The Law Project also offers  a version of the site for teachers, which based on their province/territory and class design will direct them to the lesson plans the Law Project has created.

Every Child

The website of the Society for Children and Youth of BC is a place to share your ideas and resources on children's rights. It provides links to resources such as  multimedia, assessments, information guides, workshop materials,  reports and research. It also, offers suggestions of five simple things that you can do to assist in upholding children's rights based on your role within your community.


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